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"Mini Birthing Workshop"

Kimmie Chernichky |
Certified Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor

"Early Identification, Intervention, and Busy Beats"

Emily Amerson |
Early Intervention Program Manager
Dave Gregory, MD |

Carilion Clinic Roanoke Salem Family Medicine

"Navigating the NICU What New Parents Can Expect when Dealing with the Unexpected"

Dominique Gallo |
Lactation Consultant, IBCLC

"What's Healthy for Pregnancy is Healthy for Life & Family"

Jill Lucas Drakeford |
Carilion Community Health & Outreach

"Safe Sleep for Infants"

"The Doula' s Role & Pain vs. Suffering Mindset in Labor"

Shalene Massie |
Doula & Childbirth Educator

"BRAAC Josh Leonard Documentary"

Teri Nance |
Development Team/Event Planner


Teri Nance |
Development Team/Event Planner

"The 411 of the 4th Trimester"

Jaclyn Nunziato | 
MD, MS OBGYN Assistant Professor at VTC/Carilion

"Exercise & Pregnancy"

Daryl Rich | 
Chiropractor; Clinical Director

"Osteopathic treatment for infants and children"

Dr. Hope Tobey |

"Busting Myths That May Affect Your Breastfeeding Success"

Erin VandeLinde |
La Leche League Leader, IBCLC

"How Hypnosis Works in Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Postpartum"

Anna Ree Whetsel Rucker |
Professional Doula & Certified HypnoBirthing®️ Childbirth Educator

"Wading into Waterbirth"

Karen Winstead |
RN, CNM, MSN; Certified, Professional Doulas, IBCLC, Lactation Specialist, Hypnobirthing Educators, Placenta Encapsulator, Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Award Winning Birth Photographer

"Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in Childbirth: How Doulas are Making a Difference"

Roanoke Doula Collective