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2023: The inVisible Load

Motherhood is full of work others rarely see. It’s the never-ending grocery list rolling through your mind. It’s knowing that you need to plan for extra childcare when school is closed next week. It’s making doctor and dentist appointments months down the road. It’s knowing where everything is. All the time.
The load of motherhood is often exhausting and, for too long, it has gone unseen. We see you. We hear you.
At the 2023 Summit: The inVisible Load, we held a mirror up to motherhood to celebrate the joys, challenges, and complexities of being a mother.

2022: Navigating Motherhood Together

As you build your village, something incredible happens - you become part of
another mom's village too. In 2022, At Be Her Village: Navigating Motherhood
supported moms in taking the journey through motherhood together. Whether
you were looking for support in your professional life, with home & family, or to fully embrace your authentic self - the 2022 Summit inspired, empowered,
and elevated how we think about motherhood today.

2021: Pregnancy & Beyond:
A Motherhood Summit

2020 was one of the most challenging years mothers have faced in modern history. From managing family , jobs , finances , and health through a global pandemic , never before have mothers needed more support. The 2021 return to an in-person Summit brought together community educators , healthcare and complimentary care providers, and non-profit organizations to link mothers with the resources they need to thrive.


2020: Pregnancy and Postpartum
The 2020 Women's Resource Summit was focused on the Pregnancy & Postpartum stage of motherhood. We brought together lactation support specialists, community health leaders, doulas, midwives, and local physicians for a fantastic virtual event! We connected these providers with mothers through pre-recorded interviews, pre-recorded webinars, live workshops, and live coffee chats. 

See the video from the 2022 Summit!

Click through the guide below to check out the recorded videos!

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